Aristo Sliding Wardrobes

Aristo Sliding Wardrobes

by aegis |April 5, 2019 | Uncategorized

Aristo has a wide range of spaces, products and designs that have made its way into 15,000 homes around India & many more worldwide. With floor to ceiling installations and a variety of elegant plots and products , Aristo is no less than the best. The sliding wardrobes come are the most sought after product from our prestige collection. It is acclaimed for its stylish usage and appreciated for its look and feel. These sliding wardrobe designs are aesthetically crafted to your convenience. They are:

  • Nova-Premium sliding systems
  • Floor-to-ceiling installations
  • Corner L-shaped wardrobes

It is noteworthy that all our shelving systems and openable wardrobes are compact and comfortable to utilize in the long run. Adding to this advantage are several other reasons that make Aristo’s sliding wardrobe (Download Catalogue) doors the pick for the perfect fit. They are:

  • The Sliding wardrobe designs come with limitless options.
  • It has successfully made a mark with its floor-to-ceiling grandeur.
  • The sliding wardrobe doors do not get jammed irrespective of the usage and come with smooth motion sliding.
  • All of Aristo sliding wardrobes come with a 3 year warranty period where customers can claim replacement for damages, if any.
  • The sliding doors have not been compromised on security and have been provided with lockable doors to help provide safety for its customers.

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